Investment and Risk


Due to firms switching form Level 3 Investment & Risk to the RDR-compliant Level 4 Investment, Risk & Taxation exam this unit will not be offered after 31/12/2012. Candidates are reminded at least 3 months' study time is recommended.

This unit of the Certificate programme ensures candidates have a knowledge and understanding of how to analyse clients' circumstances and apply suitable investment product recommendations to meet their needs.


Questions 60
Estimated Study Time 90 hours
Pass Mark 70%
Pass Rate 78%
Length of exam 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam credits 9
Level 3

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A very insightful session. I was able to correlate with the content in a practical manner, as the example given were very good. Thanks for such a good session. The session helped in gaining leanings about derivatives and contracts.

  - Abhishek, Student (BPL), SOIL-GGN

It was by far the best workshop, rather than a lecture that we are used to. I could not understand share market and its working before this. You were good. Though I was not too excited about the finance before. But it was a transformation.

  - Jashan , Student (MBA)-BVIMR

According to me, the session was highly interactive and provided the valuable knowledge and information that could help us in entering into the stock market and also in various financial institutions. Thank you so much SIR.

  - Karuna , Student (MBA)-BVIMR